Dance courses are the most effective way to learn to dance.

Dance programs are tailored to fit your individual needs and interests.

Lesson Plans and Dance Charts created by your instructor are the maps to your success.

Advancement from program to program takes time, effort, finances, and commitment. Anything worth doing takes time.



  Mini Courses
  The shortest, "get-by", dance course available. Begin your dance experience with this great foundation course!
  Pre-Bronze Courses
  Entry level courses for those who need more in their dance foundation. Placement in this course is to be determined by your instructor.


  Bronze Program
  Upon completing the bronze course, you will have gained the poise and confidence of an "all-around" basic social dancer.


  Silver Program
  In this course you will learn to be a "clear-the-floor" dancer using advanced patterns, techniques, and styling.
  Gold Program
  This dance course will enable you to become the ultimate dancer!
  These courses are perfect to add that special touch to your bridal dance. See the Wedding page for more information
  Specialty Courses
  Perfect for singles or couples preparing for cruises, vacations, graduations, proms, anniversary parties, retirement, or any other social event.