Frequently Asked Questions

  Q. Do I need a partner?
  A. No. You do not need a partner for any of the activities at the studio.
In fact, you learn to dance faster if you have your own teacher.
Q. I have a hectic and variable schedule, when could I take my lesson?
  A. Private lessons are by appointment only and are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Teacher availability ranges from very early in the morning until late at night.
  Q. How much are private lessons?
  A.. Your first lesson is complimentary.  After your first lesson, if you are not taking advantage of a package discount or an in-studio offer, then your lessons are $65.00. The cost is for a single person or a couple.
  Q. How long are the lessons?
  A. Private lessons are 40 minutes. Lessons are scheduled every 45 minutes.
  Q. What should I wear?
  A. Clothing: Wear something comfortable to move in. Tight jeans are not
conducive to good dancing. Most students are professionals and dress in what they wore to work. As a general rule, the better you dress, the better you feel.

Shoes: "street shoes" on the new floor. If you have ballroom dance shoes, those are best. If not, wear anything with a leather bottom like a nice dress shoe. Ladies should wear shoes with a low heel and ones that will stay on their feet. No tennis shoes or flip flops please. Dancing in bare feet or socks is NOT recommended.
  Q. Do you host dinner dances or parties?
  A. Yes, we often hold dinner dances and other studio parties throughout the year.  Birthday parties and other specialty group celebrations are also available. Please call for rates.
  Q. Do you offer competition courses?
  A. Yes. However, a prerequisite to a competition program is proven
commitment to a social program.
  Q. Do I have to sign any contracts when I sign up for lessons?
  A. No
  Q. How long will it take to learn how to dance?
  A. Programs are designed for taking on average 4-6 lessons per week. There are no short cuts in learning how to dance. Increasing your lessons per week speeds up muscular training and the learning process. Decreasing your amount of lessons lengthens it.

Anyone can show you how to "do" a step in 5 minutes. Result: You'll feel and look like a robot. It will take longer to learn how to lead your partner without pulling them around, to feel good in each other's arms, and to acquire the smoothness, grace, confidence, and techniques of a good social dancer.

  Q. What other services does the studio offer?
  A. Some services also available are coachings, workshops, choreography and more..


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